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POISONFLOWER oder die Wurzel allen Übels

video by Peter Pflügler



POISONFLOWER is a multidisciplinary evening, combining voice, music and visuals in an entertaining dialogue on stage;
We´re consistently and ironically trying to find ways out of sociopolitical extremes, narrating around the mythological analogy of woman and nature.
Our instruments next to text and images: Cello, Singing Saw and Cajon!

video by Peter Pflügler

spielTräume is a 15 min Duo Project, that playfully accelerates to a manifest against dualistic mindset.
Exploring “game” in its broadest sense and form through interweaving musical and verbal arrangements of scores, classical and contemporary pieces, as well as extracts of Leonard Bernsteins “Worte wie Musik”.

video by Marcus Weber

BODYVOICES is a 50 min live performance with cello, guitar, voice, bodypercussion and dance, examining the subject “body respect”.
It tells the story of two characters (an actress, who looses her ability to speak, and her body, who is the key for getting it back) and their Alter Egos (cello and guitar). The performance was created on the occasion of the anniversary years of nobel price winner Giorgios Seferis, and Astor Piazzolla.

Who we are:

Elisabeth Kanettis – actress / voice, dance, concept https://elisabethkanettis.com/
Cristina Basili – cellist https://cristinabasili.com/
Reinhard Maximilian Gantner – illustration / animation
Peter Pflügler – videographer
Timotej Kosovinc – guitarist https://timotejkosovinc.com/de/
Barbara Jurcsa – dancer / choreography
Marcus Weber – cinematographer / post production




Our initial approach as an Ensemble was to find unfamiliar ways of telling stories by creating new aspects of communication – free from predisposed narrative forms, crossing multiple languages and cultures.
Finding One´s Innermost Voice became our guiding motive, because we believe, it can be found in any form of expression.
We aspire to open the voices range from verbal language to the wide fields of physical and musical language – our executive instruments being Body, Speech & Voice, Cello, Guitar and Accordeon.