CV Elizabeth Kanettis

Born in New York, I grew up with three languages – German, English and Greek.
My background being classical music, I played the piano for 10 years and then moved on to the quite contrary world of latin american dancing, where I competed nationally and internationally for 6 years.
My love to the performing arts has always been essential and finally drew me to the theatre, that proved to combine my affinity for music, dance, and languages.
I graduated from acting school in 2014, certain to have found my profession in acting.
Feeling home in many places, I also trained at the Atlantic Acting School in New York, as well as the Susan Batson masterclass in Berlin, where I received a scholarship for her studio in New York.
Striving to maintain my skills as a bilingual actress, I have been working in Austria and Germany in TV- Feature- and Short films, as well as in Theatre- and Musical productions.